Natasha Hemmings has spent her career smashing stereotypes and pushing boundaries. Can you be a Christian and a Miss England winner? The answer is yes.

A graduate of the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music, Cheshire born Natasha Hemmings cannot remember a life without music.  Summer 2022 saw Natasha enjouying a successful tour with Ronan Keating on his UK dates and was back on the road delighting fans with Aled Jones MBE and Russell Watson on their UK Christmas tour 

During her time at school Natasha had some low moments where she found herself subjected to bullying. Through these difficult times Natasha found her faith and has been keen to share her story and what Christianity means to her and how her faith supported and continues to support life’s challenges.

In 2015 Natasha entered Miss England in an effort to gain confidence and a sense of self, and found herself successful as the reigning Miss England in 2015. This role also had a profound effect on her already charitable nature working closely with charities close to her heart.

Witnessing the everyday challenges of life – whether that be the impact of social media or seeing the ever growing number of homeless people on our streets – gives drive to Natasha’s faith and belief in helping others. 

Natasha is currently in the studio working  on her new faith based album.